Summit Background

A Summit for Urban Leaders of the Asia-Pacific Region
The future of the Asia-Pacific region will be shaped by its cities and urban regions. The Mayors' Asia Pacific Environmental Summit (MAPES) provides a unique forum for mayors and other senior local government officials in the region to promote sustainable development in their cities, shar e information and best practices, and build partnerships with businesses, donor organizations, and NGOs. The City of Melbourne is hosting MAPES 2006, in conjunction with Australia 's largest environmental conference and trade show - ENVIRO 2006. MAPES 2006 is offering a new training opportunity in partnership with Stockholm 's Royal Institute of Technology.

Mayors' Commitments
The MAPES program focuses on promoting bold leadership and action through extensive mayor-to-mayor dialogue and "Mayors' Commitments" - specific pledges to address a wide range of problem areas, for example:

  • Expand water supply and wastewater treatment facilities
  • Improve solid waste collection, recycling, and landfill management
  • Reduce vehicle emissions
  • Rehabilitate slums, improve riverfronts and river ecosystems

Keys to Success

  • MAPES focuses on leadership. Traditional training and capacity building a necessary, but not sufficient , condition for improving the urban environment. The quality that is often missing in cities is bold leadership - leadership that has to start at the top. The content of the MAPES program focuses on inspiring that leadership by showcasing proven innovations and sustaining that leadership through Mayors' Commitments."
  • MAPES is not a traditional conference of "talking heads". MAPES emphasizes dialogue among mayors and other senior local officials, facilitated by experts in the field."
  • MAPES is a unique partnership of city leaders, municipal associations, world renowned experts, donor organizations and NGOs that leverage new support for cities committed to sustainable development

Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris and GETF Principal Dr. Karl Hausker launched the first MAPES in 1999 and serve as Summit Chair and Co-chair, respectively. Previous Summits were attended by more than 400 delegates, representing over 100 cities from 29 countries. Honolulu hosted the first three Summits, and MAPES. Melbourne is hosting MAPES 2006 with Lord Mayor John So serving as Honorary Chair. For additional background, click here.


2006 Mayors' Asia-Pacific Environmental Summit Secretariat
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Sustainable Business and Trade Development Branch
City of Melbourne, Australia
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